Friday, March 27, 2009

4 & 11...better late than never

Well, as you can tell, I missed posting our 4 & 11 month anniversary pics last month (4 months from the day we took E. in our arms forever & E. is 11 months old ). But I have this last day to get them up before our 5 & 12 post TOMORROW!!! Yep! Tomorrow marks the day 5 months ago that we took Ezana into our arms forever. As well, it's Ezana's big day....
So, on to the 4 & 11 pics so I can post the 5 & 12 ones tomorrow...or more like next week. :)

Ezana, 11 months old

Isn't he just stinkin' adorable?! :)
The boys reading magazines.
Playing with big sissy.
The girls just love having a real baby of their own to put in their baby doll stroller! He's looking a little big for it, huh? haha He's had a haircut since this one, so he's not so poofy on the top any more. He and Mama are fuzz-balls! LOL So happy to have one with curls now. :)
Playing out front with our neighborhood friends, Charlotte & Addison, our favorite twins! :)

We should have some good ones from tomorrow...can't wait! If you're in town and around, come stop by the house between 1 -3 pm to help us celebrate Ezana's 1st birthday!


small world said...

SORRY, I am delinquent on telling you how sweet you (little) family is! Love the pics of everyone. Ezana is so adorable. I need to get a few new pics up too. I miss you!
Love, TB

Apryl said...

Very cute!! I feel your pain, I can't blog like I used to. Posting pictures is so much easier, but I can't even keep up with that! Homeschooling sucks the brains and five kids sucks my time :)

Happy Birthday, Ezana!

Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

Yes, very adorable!

small world said...

Amy....Where have I been? You haven't talked to me in sooooo long you probably think I have been bound, gagged, and put in a closet by some of my children!! Well I have! I just got out tonight. Have you checked out the fleece that was sheared off the Gibson's dog today? Check out the pics on her blog! I was thinking maybe you and I could take up knitting and make little fundraiser booties, or something. Let me know what you think...
Love, The quiet, but still there TB

girlytwins said...

Well you guys are our favorite friends by far :) These pics are so cute :)

Jori said...

Just a quick check in and yet you have not up-dated either! :):) I am only on the computer MAYBE once a week now with working so just letting you know I am still alive, I love you, and I know you are praying!!! :)
The kiddos are still cute!
love ya, jori

angie said...

Adorable! I see my twins here, too. :) You didn't win my giveaway, but I'd be happy to send you my copies. They've been read, but hardly have any wear. If you want them, send me your address, or if you are uncomfortable with that, I can send them to Jenny.

Oatsvall Team said...

So glad you love the necklaces ... I too think of how they were made and by whose hands ... What a privilege to pray ... We do have new hats coming out probably next week when the site is up and running ... Blessings !!!

Danielle said...

Hi Amy! Blogging is so much harder now, isn't it? Life is just so full! By the time you sit down at the computer, it seems like there's always something else you could be doing! Anyway, I know these pics are REALLY old now, but I know there'll be new ones someday :) And I also assume that no news is probably good news :) Much love, Danielle