Friday, March 27, 2009

4 & 11...better late than never

Well, as you can tell, I missed posting our 4 & 11 month anniversary pics last month (4 months from the day we took E. in our arms forever & E. is 11 months old ). But I have this last day to get them up before our 5 & 12 post TOMORROW!!! Yep! Tomorrow marks the day 5 months ago that we took Ezana into our arms forever. As well, it's Ezana's big day....
So, on to the 4 & 11 pics so I can post the 5 & 12 ones tomorrow...or more like next week. :)

Ezana, 11 months old

Isn't he just stinkin' adorable?! :)
The boys reading magazines.
Playing with big sissy.
The girls just love having a real baby of their own to put in their baby doll stroller! He's looking a little big for it, huh? haha He's had a haircut since this one, so he's not so poofy on the top any more. He and Mama are fuzz-balls! LOL So happy to have one with curls now. :)
Playing out front with our neighborhood friends, Charlotte & Addison, our favorite twins! :)

We should have some good ones from tomorrow...can't wait! If you're in town and around, come stop by the house between 1 -3 pm to help us celebrate Ezana's 1st birthday!