Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More cuteness...

Annika & Ezana have such a cute relationship already...they adore each other!
Nena & Ezana...his first time putting a shoe out on Dec. 5th for Sinterklaas...the Dutch island (Bonaire) influence in our home!
Total nuts!!!
The kids made Santa Claus (Papa) his favorite cookies to leave out for him on Christmas Eve. In our home, the kids know that Santa is Papa (Dietrich) but they have this crazy idea that he has something special he wears when he puts the gifts under the tree. And they are always dying to figure out what it is or find the "secret spot" we hide the costume. I think it came from the whole tooth fairy thing. So while I'm on it, I'll explain that one too. I'm the tooth fairy in our house and they've always known it. But somewhere along the way they got the crazy notion that I wear something special when I come get their tooth and leave the money. About once a month it is the topic of conversation at our house as they try to figure out what it is I wear and where I keep it (if they only knew! hahaha). Out of the blue one of them will say something like, " Mama, I think you wear a frilly yellow tutu dress when you are the tooth fairy." And I tell them they'll find out when they have kids of their own and then they usually go to my closet and root around hoping to find it THIS time. It cracks us up! Early on, when they were young their cousins came over and the tooth fairy topic came up. Our kids immediately told their cousins that their Mama was the tooth fairy. The response was great! They ran to my sis-in-law and asked how Auntie gets to their house at night when they lose their teeth! LOL We had a good laugh over that one! Opps! That got long! LOL
Gotta get to bed!!! :)