Monday, February 2, 2009

3 & 10 months

On the 28th of January, Ezana turned 10 months and it also marked the day we took him in our arms forever...3 months ago. Here's the new picture so we can see his growth, progress, cuteness and yummy-ness. :) Oh! And our first visit with the social worker when great! The report he wrote read well and we have our next visit in April when we'll start the re-adoption process as well.
Enjoy! :)

Oct. 27, 2008: 7 mon. old, first day we met you!
Nov. 29, 2008: 8 mon. old; we've had you for 1 month.
Dec. 27, 2008: 9 mon. old; we've had you for 2 months.
Jan. 28, 2009: 10 mon. old; we've had you for 3 months.

Oh! And the poor thing is trying to make up for lost time by cutting 3 teeth in the last week with 3 more hot on their heels! It's not nice to see such a happy baby not so happy...well, down right crabby is more like it! :) It'll be over soon and then we'll be on to the next thing! Gosh they change a lot in the first year, huh?!


Jori said...

He is so adorable!! :):)
love ya, jori

girlytwins said...

The cutest baby on the block :) We love watching him grow. He truly is such a happy baby. We look forward to watching him run across your yard with all the other kids :)

Danielle said...

Could there be anyone more adorable?!? I'm sorry to hear he's not happy right now. :( Cutting teeth can be so hard! (Not that I remember from personal experience, just through my children!) Just wanted to pop in to say hello!