Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hi everyone! It's been a long time, I know, but things have been...well, busy to say the least. :) But we're all doing well and having fun. I'm working on getting a late Christmas/New Years letter and pic out with a baby announcement in it as well. I'll post the pics on here as soon as we make some changes. Which brings me to the title of this post....
We're changing the name of our blog and wanted to give you all a few days before we do it.
What was:


will now be:


Hence the new name at the top with our picture. :)

Thanks for reading. I'll try to post some pics soon. Homeschooling seems to be keeping me from doing much posting these days. Oh! One item of interest... we have our first post-placement visit with the social worker next week! We appreciate your prayers. :) It's hard to believe we've been home almost 3 months now and Ezana is 9 mon. old now!
Anyway! It's getting late, gotta get to bed.
Don't forget to make note of the blog name change above. :) Thanks!


Steve and Anna said...

we will keep following you! Praying for your 3 month PP Visit, it is amazing that is already here! Wow!

girlytwins said...

Good luck. Not that you need any. You have adjusted so well and Ezana is such a happy lil guy. It is VERY apparent that he is in a happy, loving home.

small world said...

Are you trying to hide from me? Well guess what, I found you. You can't hide from me because I will always find you. TBs can't be gotten rid of that easily!! By the way...what's up with you and home school. I've got like a million more kids than you and I still find time to post! Whimp!
OOPS! Was that too harsh? So sorry! I'll talk to you next week when you interrupt my Bible time with my kids... again! Love, GW(guess who)

girlytwins said...

We got your super cute after Christmas card. We loved it. The girls were very excited. They kept asking to look at their friends :)

We are still battling this silly cough/cold thing the girls have had. Hopefully they get cleared up soon :) And then we get a nice warmer weather change so you guys can come over and play on the trampoline with the girls.

Jori said...

HEllo my friend! I LOVE YOU! I seem to be so out there with my emotions right now I just don't .... I don't know. I am daily pushing forward - this is just not what what I was prepared for. Don't know what I was prepared for but hey:) Miss you - jori
ps-I found you also AND I am so not giving you a bad time about posting!! :):):) love ya, T