Monday, December 29, 2008

We've been home with E. for 2 months...

Well, we've been home with Ezana for 2 months now. Things are going very well (when I'm not homeschooling! haha) and we are reminded of how amazingly blessed we are to have our son adjusting and attaching so well. I emailed a friend some pics of him from Christmas and she said, "He looks fat! And he has so much hair!" LOL You can judge for yourself...

October 27, 2008

November 29, 2008

December 27, 2008

Just one more pic real quick before I head off to bed. Some sweet friends of ours gave E. this onesie for Christmas. It's my favorite for obvious reasons! LOL

(If you can't read it completely it says,
"If you think I'm super cute you should see my mom.")

Must head off to bed! E. will be up soon for a bottle!
Good night!


small world said...

I don't know about "fat" but cute...definitely! That has not changed at all. And about his mom...she is cute as well!
Love, TOITPNTTC(The One in the pic next to this comment)

William said...

I read the header and thought "Crazy Amy, it's been way more then two months". Then I thought about it a bit, and I guess it hasn't. It just seems like these little ones have been with us forever. I'm glad to see you are porking him up :-) we are putting some weight on Benaiah too. It's subtle, but when you look back at when we first got him, you can really see a difference.

We love you and miss you

Apryl said...

It seems like you all just got home! Time flies, it looks like Ezana is doing so well! Happy New Year!

Steve and Anna said...

E. looks great! It is so good to see him doing well and smiling!!! Thank you sooo much for all your prayers before we went to ET, during and after!!!! Also for your invaluable packing advice! It made a huge difference. Right now we are just struggling with changing David to the correct time zone. If you have any tips, let me know. Praying you are doing well - all of you!

Jori said...

Oh my friend, you are so good to me!! E looks wonderful :):):) I can not thank you enough for your continued support, encouragment and love ~ You amaze me!!! I so can not wait to see you again (sometime right?!:))
love ya, jori
(had to post my picture as well ~ Teresa can't have all the fun!) said...

He is sooooo adorable, you guys! I am so happy for you!!