Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow, day 2

Well, it didn't snow any more but it's not suppose to get above 40 degrees so there's still tons to play in. Of course the kids were already out there this morning!
The day before it snowed the kids had been begging us to take them up to the snow in the mountains. Now, there's not much I like less than dragging 4 kids an hour away to play in the snow for 30 min. and then packing them back in the car, freezing and starving with no McDonald's around, and driving back home an hour. I think cleaning up throw-up comes in first but dragging kids up to the snow comes in a close second. So, last night as I stripped the kids for the 3rd time, they asked if we were still going up to the mountains on Saturday. I laughed a very wicked, yah right, laugh and said very firmly, "NO!" And then smiled in my heart at my luck....well, the goodness of God really. :)

I LOVE icicles! I don't think we've ever had them before!

Oh! The sad Southern California palm tree!


Jori said...

God is so good to bring the snow to you!!! You lucky woman you!
love, jori