Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time keeps marching on

Yep! Almost a month since my last post! Where has the time gone?! This much I know to be true...if you weren't a "good bloggie blogger" before the baby came, you most likely won't be after the baby comes!" My poor disillusioned brain.
Well, if I keep going on the last post and go to the next day that I left off with when we were in ET I will gloss over Wednesday, October 29, that rainy Embassy day, and move onto Thursday...the day we visited Kids Care and Gelgela...orphanages our kids came from (E. came from Kids Care). Oh! And Metro Pizza...the BEST pizza place in the world (at least we think so!).
Here are some pictures from this day...

Driving up to Kids Care
Inside the gatesAster, the founder of Kids CareI love this shot...a picture can be worth a thousand words...
We really liked our driver, Samuel

The room E. first came to
I've just found out that this sister remembers E. and she told us that he was so dehydrated that he had an IV in his head like the one baby in the picture above...a very hard moment for us...
Just so cute I had to include it...Robel, E. and DietrichToo cute! These kids threw out one toy from the window, which Dietrich promptly ran over and picked up...well, threw back in. Do you think it stopped there? If you did, then you don't know children! Next thing we knew, quite a few toys were being flung out of the window! It was hilarious!And last, but surely not least...Metro Pizza! We couldn't get enough of this pizza! Amazing how many slices you can eat with one hand (while the other clutches a sleeping baby) if you really want to!
We even went back there for lunch the next day while we were out running around doing last minute things before leaving. We had been out all morning and were so hungry. We (families) said how about Metro Pizza? Robel promptly said, "No! Tex-Mex!" We said no way! He tried to fight us all, but in the end went to Metro because we were "persuasive." (meaning--you pay if we go to Tex-Mex or we pay if we go to worked! LOL)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the pictures....brings back some very good memories...some hard as well though...but good. I'll have to put up a few recent pics soon...or add a couple at the end here. Oh! OK! Here are some from yesterday...
We decorated the tree ! E's first time, of course.

Yep! Look who's sitting up...not Annika and Nena! The baby of course! Now, if we could just get him to sleep through the night...any helpful suggestions out there from the people in "Bloggerville"? For a mom that had her other 3 sleeping through the night some where around 6 or 9 weeks, this is just about killing me! LOL Maybe I should just count how many weeks we've had him and let that put thing into perspective...4 weeks ain't long...guess I just need to keep plugging away...and literally plugging his mouth with a bottle every 3 hours for a bit longer. :)
P.S. Thanks again, Jori, for the cute onesie! Our little guy would make a very cute girl... I just had to put him on the pink rosette blanket for these pics!!! Too funny!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picking up where we left off...

So, I thought I'd try to just pick up where we left off on Tuesday, Oct. 28 once we had gotten E. from the TH.
We did paper work in the morning with the group, then lunch and then to the TH to get E. We were able to pass out care packages and take pictures for the families back at home and give out gift bags to the nannies and others. The parting with Tigist, E's special nanny, and Zenash, the cook, was tearful. We have some precious parting words from them on video though for when he is older. What a blessing! They SO love him!
The first few days of our trip were kind of like a little mini vacation, but then the really part began this night! Let's just say that the 4th-time-around-parents got re-initiated that night! LOL
That boy can poop!!! Let me tell you! We had it all over all three of us!!! LOLOL We had a pretty good laugh! I guess what's good about it being the 4th time around is that we didn't freak out, but laughed and went with the flow praising God that it didn't get on the bed sheets! :) hahaha Too funny! So E. got a bath at 3:00am after I had decided earlier that he was fine and didn't need one! hahaha
Something else that the 4th-time-around did was make us OK with having him sleep with us. In fact, a few nights later when we found he slept better in the small crib we were a bit disappointed! LOL What a change from the first 3 rounds!
Wow! We have a baby!!!!!! :) Haven't had one of those in 6 years!!! LOL
Pic in front of the "green gate" for the TH as we left...

The first morning with Ezana...there was a baby in our bed! Isn't that just so darn cute!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We're home....sorry it's been a few days...

Hi there! So sorry it's been a few days since we were able to post! Things got busy! hahaha
After we got to take Ezana back to the hotel, Wednesday was a busy day with the Embassy and all and then Dietrich got to go to a national soccer game unexpectedly that night. So I didn't get to leave the baby and go down to the lobby to post. :) Then Thursday and Friday were busy and then it was time to leave! Wow! What a week! We made it safely home, though I must say that E. doesn't like to be confined to a car seat...pretty funny! :) And we were totally wiped out when we got home saturday evening. So we've spent the day resting and resting and....yep, resting! :)
Dietrich did get all the video off the camera and now we'll start to transfer all the pics off the laptop to the mac. Dietrich is home all this week so we'll hopefully get those pics out to you all soon....I know you're dying! :)
Thank you for all the emails & comments....I haven't gotten to read them all yet, but will in the next few days and start responding. Thank you for all your prayers! God has been amazingly and wonderfully good to us in so many ways! I'll try to write more about it all soon.
Good night!