Saturday, August 30, 2008

A baby shower to remember

Shooooot! TWO posts in ONE night!!!! I probably won't post again till we get back from ET!!! LOL Just kidding..... I hope! LOL
OK! On with the show.... wait! I need more chocolate! OK! Now onward...

The shower was planned for Saturday, August 9...the Saturday after the courts closed. Once we found we weren't going to make it through we decided to do the shower that day any way. It was actually a nice thing to have since we had the disappointment of not traveling. The time Duni (our ET program director) was in ET was a bit nerve-racking(to say the least!) as she tried to appeal the judge's decisions a few times. All in all though, it was a good time of prayer and fasting.
Anyway, the I think back there are a lot of special things that stand out....
~ The room the boys will share was finished since the shower was to be at our house so everyone could see it (I'll put in some pics)... we all LOVE it in there and the kids have taken turns being official "crib testers" on different nights, giving me full reports in the morning on how they think Ezana will sleep in there! LOL It is too cute!
~ We loved that in the invitations an insert was included for a drawing...if anyone wanted to bring a listed item to donate to Kids Care Orphanage their name would be put in a drawing. We now have a suitcase FULL of diapers, wipes, formula and medicine!!!
~ It was a neat time for me to tell about how the adoption started, how it has been going and what it will be like when we bring Ezana home. Most people that came didn't have experience with adoption so it was good to talk with them about how and why we will most likely be laying low for the first few weeks (or more! :D). We got a lot of positive feedback and understanding afterward that was really encouraging.
~ Just the people that were there made it a great time to hang out, eat and talk! :)
~ We were amazed by all the wonderful gifts people gave was just so sweet!!!
~ The topper to it all was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING cake some wonderful friends (Jason & Karla!) of ours had made especially for our family...........all I can say is ***W*O*W***!!!!!!! (I'll include a pic or two!)
We just had a really nice day and after the whole court disappointment we really needed it. :) Thank you to everyone that put it together and came for the day! What a good time it was!
Hope you enjoy the pics!

The boys' room

Can't wait to use the Pottery Barn diaper bag and
the "Baba"(see earlier post) I made!

The girls made adorable flags for the shower....
I had to "disguise" Ezana's face! :)
Annika & Karla
I use to babysit the 3 girls in the middle!!! And
those are their babies!!! aaahhh!
Mom & me
Annika & I had a little "tug-of-war" over who was
going to get to sleep with the beautiful blanket
a friend made! :)
The AMAZING cake!!! We saved the topper with the
"Welcome Home" sign in the freezer for when E. gets home :)

Thanks for coming by to read! Hope it was somewhat fulfilling! :)
Good night!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

God has done what is best...

Well, as you can tell from the date on this post and the fact that the title doesn't say something like "We leave in 7 days!!!" that we didn't make it through court before they closed. :) We prayed very specifically to make it through before the courts closed, but that God's will would be done nonetheless. Well, God always does what is best...and his best is waiting till October for our court date. We are happy that the judge did give us a date of October day after the courts re-open. So, we are working towards just that. We have now had time to prepare for school to start (on time! :D) as well as try to get ready for traveling at the end of October (Lord willing!).
It really would have been quite crazy if we had gotten through and were traveling right now. Of course we would've made it work (cuz we want our boy!) but on this side of it it's OK. :) I'm sure you all know what I mean.
The only way we are able to make it this long with out our little guy is by God's grace...trusting that he does and always allows what is best for us. As well, we don't think about it in detail too much(like what is he eating, did he sleep well, how is he feeling, etc)...if I did I could freak and stress out just as much as the next person, but that would make me useless to my family. :) And so, as "they" say, life goes on. Friends threw us a baby shower, we started school the 2nd of September and we were able to fit in a little family get-away to the coast a week or so ago (Oxnard). I was hoping to be completely packed before school started, but it just didn't work out that way.
Something else has made the wait more bearable as well and that is the project the VanWetten family has taken on...or should I say, the project God dropped in their lap. :) We may even be able to make up to Oregon for the fundraiser at the end of September! We are really excited to see what God will do!
I will post more later about the baby shower and amazing cake. Perhaps a few pictures of our weekend get-away as well. We'll see though...I might go into hiding once school starts! haha

Christoph started soccer!
Summer fun with friends
Weekend at Oxnard
Annika...cleanest sand castle builder ever! :)
Christoph...boys will be boys!
We can never resist a yacht harbor!We can't wait for our little boy