Sunday, July 6, 2008

4 1/2 weeks

Well, the Ethiopian courts close in 4 1/2 weeks, on August 7....but who's counting?! We are! :D
You all should know now, that if all our paper work gets done and we get and pass a court date before the closure, IT WILL BE A MIRACLE!!! Humanly speaking, there's no way we will make it. But with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
"We have hope because He is able."

Please pray, and fast if you will, with us that the paper work gets finished, we get a court date and pass it all before the 7th of August. We fully trust in God and His ways and are confident that His will will be done no matter what the outcome. He always does what is best! For this we are thankful.


There are 3 AWAA families in Ethiopia right now! In fact, it is Monday there already and today they will get to see, hold, touch, talk to and love on their children for the first time! Amazing!

All the families agreed to take care packages for those children still waiting and the Gibsons took one for our Little Guy! So, the week before last I had a fun time planning out pictures to put in a cloth photo album, picking out a fun toy and getting a "Baba" ready for him. A "Baba" is a special snuggy bit of a blanket each one of the kids is attached to...Christoph named it when he first started talking way back when. :D Well, this youngest son of ours would not be the exception! So, a couple weeks ago I bought a few items essential for "snuggy Baba-ness" (extra soft fleece and satin binding!!!) and made him his very own. (Thanks for lending your sewing machine Ahpee!) It came out sooo cute! I even stitched our last name on it so all would know who's it was! :D And then, for good measure, I made an identical second one. One to send over to him to get all those familiar scents on and one for us to bring when we pick him up. We are hoping he gets attached to it(them), making the transition that much easier and sweeter. :D We'll have to see though! In theory it all sounds good and it worked on our dog when we got her as a puppy...but boys aren't puppies...though I do seem to recall a nursery rhym about boys, snails and puppy dog tails...! LOL
I'll throw in a few pics of the album and Baba, but won't be able to put in the ones with Little Guy's picture or name on it. :D Not until he is legally ours can we post his picture and name on our blog. Lord willing, that will be soon!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Boys' Room

I started making preparations for our Little Guy this week. Which meant clearing all the extra things out of Christoph's room to make room for the baby's crib and dresser. After the excess was cleared out, on a whim I decided to paint the room! And as you can see from the pictures, the kids wanted to help. Annika even painted "Baby" (since it was shorter than his name! :D)
on the wall before painting that section. Today we put the plug covers back on, moved the furniture around and even started to put the crib together! Christoph LOVES his room and can't wait for his brother to come share it with him!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We got our referral!!!!!

Could anything have been any more insanely hectic and crazy???! :D
Let me explain....

We had an "inkling" (is that how that's spelled???!) that we would get our call in a day or two. After waiting around for one day (doing nothing, but pretending to do lots!) and hearing nothing, the next day the kids were begging to go to the pool. So, since I was technically doing nothing I decided I'd better give in or have them drive me crazy.
So, we get all ready and head over to the, towels, sunblock, "gargles" (that's goggles for those of you without a 6 yr. old) cell phone with home phone forwarded to it, and a magazine to take my mind off it all, oh! and a mother-in-law too!!! OK ! We made it, got all the kids sun-blocked and thrown in the pool...the life guard can deal with them now! ha! I sit back in the chair, non-relaxing music (heavy metal that is...the price I have to pay to have teenage life guards keep our kids from drowning) playing loudly in the back ground and then it happens....the cell phone rings!!!! I see the number and it's a "703" number so I answer hello. But get this...I had left Duni a voice mail earlier and well, I thought she was just calling me back! OK , so I say, "Hello?" She says hi and pauses and then adds, because I am silent!, this is your call! I have your referral. I stammer something out like Oh! I just thought you were calling me back, did you get my voice mail earlier? Can anyone receive their referral call in a stupider way???!!!!AAAHHH !!! So I explain myself and then she starts telling me info about our "Little Guy." Meanwhile, I'm frantically looking for something to write with and on...does anyone recall paper and a pen being listed in the things we took with us to the pool? No! I find a fuchsia Sharpie pen (for labeling gargles!!! Thank you God!) and my MIL hands me the back of a Time magazine (I'll be saving that one!) and I start writing away trying to remember the questions I had all typed up on a cool "sticky" on my MAC computer at home... WHERE I'M NOT!!!
Looking back now, I see the sense of humor God has and his delight in showing me that even though I tried to be totally prepared, he's thwarted me yet AGAIN! LOL At the time it was only slightly amusing!
OK! Back to the narrative...
So, I hang up the phone and say something like, "I can't believe we got our referral call!" in a daze while calling Dietrich so he can hop in the car and drive 45 min. home so we can open the email together. I give him all the details I know from Duni , hang up and sit there in dazed weirdness. My MIL and I hug, she goes to jump in the pool with the kids and I sit down again and start crying (heavy metal music still "softly" blaring in the background)....not sure why...I'm just crying. I call Duni back because, Ah-ha! I remembered a question! Yes, he is eligible for court! Great! Well, I still have like 40 min. till hubby gets home so I jump in the pool for a bit, looking at my watch every 5 min. and finally get everyone out of the pool to head home.
So, you're thinking...this is kinda long! Just wait...there's more craziness!
Get home & changed because we're going to video this and I really don't want permanent proof of me in a bikini (less tan lines even if I do still have "baby" fat on me! LOL) on referral day!
Dietrich walks in the door 2 min. later. Mean while, the kids are running around, the dog is too, my MIL isn't running around but trying to figure out camera stuff. We finally decide to go into the office because the screen is bigger in there. So we all pile into the office, start up the computer in there, turn on a fan cuz it's freakin' hot in there, try to find a spot for the camera to sit while it records, the kids are jumping up and down on the trundle bed in there and asking a million and one questions and on and on and on!!!! My sanity is being severely tested at this point and I'm just almost to the fried brain, over-load breaking point. We all sit down...ok! Yes, the camera is on and we can all be seen in it where we are sitting. Dietrich almost has the email open when our dog (black lab that thinks she's a guard dog, but is just hyper-dog!) jumps up at the window and starts barking her head off! I sternly tell her to be quiet, remembering I am being video taped (don't want permanent proof of being a mean dog owner!), look up and see the neighbor passing by the window to the front door! OH MY GOSH!!! What else can happen??? We ignore the knocking on the front door (at the risk of having permanent proof of being a lousy neighbor!!) hoping he'll forgive us later when we explain! The email is almost there, the first page is coming up...the dog is still barking, I'm still telling her to be quiet though it has now change to a VERY stern NO!, the kids are arguing over something, Nena is playing with something on the desk, the video is still going and then Dietrich starts to read the cover letter! Even now, as I type, it doesn't seem as hectic and down-right crazy as it seemed then! But then, the 2 pictures of our little guy come up and our hearts melt and we are all "aaaahhhhh's!" :D Not for long though! Annika gets put out over something, Nena is getting on Christoph for something she thinks he did, Dietrich kisses me at some point and we say something like congratulations to each other and try to laugh! We then have MIL come in to see the pics, the kids are still being bugs and I have this overwhelming feeling of let down and disappointment. Disappointed in what though? All the crazy insane-ness? That the kids were acting like bugs? No, I really think it was just my inner reaction to the over-load I was feeling. Finally everyone left the office and Dietrich and I collapse on the bed, eyes closed, and let the moment sink in. I then open my eyes and say, "What in the world was all of that??!!!" And of course, Dietrich says it's just life and that's the way life is! :D Everyone then came back in and we took more pictures and laughed about how much like his big sissy our little guy is! Of course, dinner still has to be cooked (everyone still wants to eat even when mom's brain is fried! Why is that? LOL) and damage control done on the neighbor, and all the calls need to be made, but hey!.....
And he is so darn adorable; we are all totally in love with him and we sleep with his little photo album between us in our bed! LOL (hopefully it will actually be HIM there soon!)
And so on that note, I will close for now on what has to be the longest post in blog history! Sheeeesh! :D
If there's anything I need to do better on this blogging stuff, let me know...I am so not a blog pro! :D
Good night!